About Psychotherapy

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Our Brains Have Specific Paths
Mart 20, 2023
Depression Formation and Asking for Help
Nisan 27, 2023

Understanding how the mind, instinct, emotion, thought, and behavior work is a journey suitable for anyone. Although the beginning of the human’s psychological journey, its end is infinite. Solving life’s problems is just one part of it. The most important thing is to develop in the art of self-understanding.

Under the guidance of a therapist, new doors open over time to heal. Humans are not only biological but also psychological and social beings. Therefore, issues related to nutrition, physical activity, and self-knowledge are also discussed within the scope of therapy.

Being a parent, spouse, employee, friend, lover, or child are some of the roles we encounter in life. Many others like these will come across on our life journey. Each one has its details and aspects that can be challenging or enjoyable. Psychotherapy is a technical guidance process that aims to help us understand our inner emotional cycles and to understand, regulate, and improve our relationships with the external world.

As we desire to have beautiful homes in our surrounding worlds, the desire to have a warm home within our selves is also a valuable request.

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