Depression Formation and Asking for Help

About Psychotherapy
Mart 21, 2023

As we all know, a baby’s care is primarily met by the mother unless otherwise necessary. This intensity is both physical and spiritual. Every physical touch that begins with breastfeeding after birth is a spiritual exchange. In these contacts established by the mother with the child, a deep interaction occurs. The mother’s emotions are soaked by her child just like an incense scent would be soaked on the curtains of a room. In other words, the baby becomes integrated with the mother’s spiritual states (feelings, thoughts, instincts, and mental structure). Mothers’ most emotions including their unhealthy aspects also become part of this exchange. They unknowingly transfer their anxieties, worries, sorrows, and concerns to their children.

A mother who is unhappy with her husband, sometimes gives a message to her child that “you cannot grow up without me.” This statement actually means “do not leave me alone.”

In a relationshipe where the mother is unhappy and who is clinging to her child we generally observe that the child gives up on themselves. In the age when they should be outwardly oriented and developing, the child becomes introverted and starts to close themselves off to their social world. This is where the melancholy mood called depression begins to form from such roots…

So when the child grows up she doesn’t seem to integrate herself into social and intimate relationships. So this might be the right time to get psychotherapeutic counselling from a professional.

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