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Our Brains Have Specific Paths

Beynimizin Patikaları
Beynimizin Patikaları
Mayıs 21, 2020
About Psychotherapy
Mart 21, 2023

Without even realizing it, our brain’s mechanism works on autopilot and helps us analyze and categorize most of our work. The human brain seeks practicality and avoids discovering new ways to get to the same result. It advances on previously established paths. Therefore, educating children is difficult. For instance, a child’s brain (that works afficiently), chooses to throw socks in front of the machine rather than inside it, finding it practical. In this case, parents become upset thinking they cannot teach their children even simple things. However, the child’s brain that gets rid of the socks sees the task as done correctly. 

We repeat certain things so many times when we educate our children, thus trying to reverse the working system of the brain. That is why educating a human being is more difficult than designing a robot to jump over a ditch. In fact, we know this difficulty from ourselves; we have reminded ourselves several times about taking precautions, but the brain sometimes does not obey and rushes into the issue, neglecting safety… Just as long as it’s over. Education is so to speak, making people act foolish from the perspective of our brain!

The brain, which does not want to lose its problem-solving speed, is resistant to re-examining things because it is disabled by a characteristic that can be called pragmatic.

Therefore, people categorize certain things without realizing it. The side of our brain that works on autopilot promises a practical life but also distances us from many beauties that we can experience.

Our established memorizations were broken in the blink of an eye. When faced with a problem, our brains began producing new ideas as if they had reached a collective decision..

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